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BackHome Bakery Loaf report

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BackHome Bakery Loaf report

My family had the opportunity to enjoy a loaf from the BackHome Bakery, and I thought I should share my experiences with everyone, because we cant just take Marks word for it :)

Loaf : Rye Sour

Crust : Flaky, my Wife couldnt stop talking about it

Topping : Poppy Seed, beautiful even slashes

Crumb : Light and airy, 1/4 - 1/2 inch holes

My wife and I enjoyed half of this loaf with a bowl of Elk Sausage Chili, a great pairing.  My kids finished off the loaf before dinner

Thanks Mark

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I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the rye - thanks of course to Eric (ehanner) for the recipe.  It's my favorite bread with soup or stew.
You know what they say, "If you enjoyed it, tell your friends about it.  If you didn't like it, best keep it to yourself."
If you haven't yet, try a sandwich or soup/sandwich combo at Cafe Max served on focaccia from yours truly.  It'll be the best sandwich you've ever had...Really!


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  I did have the bowl of Chili from Cafe Max.  My wife had a sandwitch.  Do you make the hard rolls as well?  they were hawking bread from the "Ceres" bakery so I was kind of dissapointed 

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The short story is:  I can only retail out of one business in that building.  Since I had a previous agreement to sell bread out of the wine and cheese shop down the hallway(Tues, Friday), I'm not able to retail at Cafe Max.  We'll see what happens, I think I'd get more business at the soup place, but am honoring this agreement - a switch in venues may be in the future.
Right now if you want stuff on any day (M-F) you can:
a. drive up to Markus Foods in Whitefish and get it there
b. drive up to my place and get it there (after calling in an order)
c. have me drop it off at your house on the way by (after calling in an order)

Oh, to answer your question, the only thing I make there is the Focaccia, but soon they'll be serving a couple of our desserts (pain au chocolat and Apfelstrudel) at Capers, their upscale restaurant downtown. Ooh la la.


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chahira daoud

Oh My God!!

I really want to taste it???

What can I do now???

Thank you Mako for sharing us your adventure with mark's delicious breads, and thank you Mark for your fantastic bread!!!


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There is only one thing you can do and that's start planning a family vacation to Montana to see what Big Sky is all about. Montana is loaded with unbelievable sights and great excitement for all. The bread's pretty good too!