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Things to do with bread

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Things to do with bread

Here's a link to a Detroit Free Press feature on the best sandwiches in the Detroit metro area:

Other than changing planes at the Detroit Metro airport, I haven't been in Detroit for years and can't vouch for any of the businesses or sandwiches shown in the article; but I can drool!


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ALL of those sandwiches look to die for. I had a crummy sandwich from a drive thru and come home to see these beauties you posted! AAARRRGGHHHH! (To quote the famous Charlie Brown!) That should inspire us all. Sure we may know the sandwiches exist, but to see them makes me want to go and get busy!

Thank you!


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The sandwiches look great.  We're hurting here in St. Augustine for sandwiches like those.  The closest good deli for a corned beef on rye or a Rueben is Jacksonville, about an hour away.

Howard - St. Augustine, FL

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the sandwiches not only look great, but taste great as well.  My favorite being the House of Reuben.  The one I go to is the original, on 8 Mile Road, the road Eminem made famous.  This place hasn't changed it's look since 1967, when I first started going there in high school.  The menu hasn't changed.  The 8A is the large reuben, just like 40 years ago.  The ownership has changed hands a few times, but it seems that whomever takes it over respects the tradition of the original.