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La Merienda Bakery and Panaderia: Evansville, IN

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La Merienda Bakery and Panaderia: Evansville, IN

One of the best bakeries and panaderias in the southwest corner of Indiana is La Merienda, (at least IMNSH and totally biased opinion). La Merienda is a small Mexican bakery located at 2828 Lincoln Ave. in Evansville, IN.

I recently started working there, having left the grocery store bakery. There are two master bakers on staff. One is a Mexican baker with 41 years experience. The other is a local atisanal baker who was trained in Italy. He has been baking for a long time also. Just not sure how long. Then we have three apprentice bakers, of which I am one.

Some of La Merienda's specialties are Mexican pastries, hand-made tamales, cakes, cookies, and artisanal breads. Most everything I can think of is made from scratch.

If you are ever in the southwest corner of Indiana, check it out. You won't be disappointed.


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I would loooooove a good tamale recipe!!!!

I adore them :)


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I can tell you how to make GREAT tamales. It is quite a process and we really don't have a set written recipe, much is by taste. but if you want to contact me by email I will give you the directions.



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It is with deep sorrow that I have to announce that La Merienda Bakery has closed their doors.