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We named it 'the bastard' cake.... - the cake without a recipe, measurements, etc.

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We named it 'the bastard' cake.... - the cake without a recipe, measurements, etc.

So, after getting my mixer home, and even after a night spending too much time drinking to many drinks at the local watering hole, I get home and throw the ol' kitchenaid up on the counter that I just got and tell the girlfriend, "this is how you cream butter and suger" (because I learned recently, and she had made some cookies the other day and didn't do it right either).  I threw in a stick of butter, mixed it to a paste, then threw in suger until I got the light fluffy stuff...  from there I just kept throwing things in, not following any recipe, nor was I measureing anything at all.  I tossed in two eggs, some baking soda, then milk, then some flour, then cococa...   She thought I was crazy, but I didn't care, I was to tipsy to care, plus, even if it didn't turn out, the 50 cents I spent on the ingredients was worth it just to try out my new mixer.   I tossed the 'batter' in a pan, baked for a while, brought it out, tasted it... and it actually worked great!!! ( although it was a little too rich).   She was amazed...   and when she asked what do I call it, I told her, it's 'the bastard cake' (because it didn't have a recipe, measurements, etc). 




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drinking will cause that.

Tossing caution to the wind, you will find that most things work out well, especially if you begin in earnest, and give thanks along the way.  I believe you have a winner.  Gosh, did you forget to take photos for this greedy, hungry crowd?  (SHAME ON YOU!)


Kudos to you!  Enjoy that new toy.

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Fifty cents for butter, eggs, milk, flour, cocoa, etc.?  Ah, a few drinks sure can cloud reality!

Glad it turned out well - did you make an icing?





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Mini Oven

...not even in China.  ...and not here either, in South Korea, just the splash of milk costs that much!

But nevermind, women love a guy who knows how to plug in a mixer. 

Mini O

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