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Bauzi (Bau) Not fluffy enough and too shiny - Help!

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Bauzi (Bau) Not fluffy enough and too shiny - Help!

Can anyone help me make good bau?

I'm talking about those gloriously light and fluffy, almost cake-like steamed buns that can be purchased at Dim Sum restaurants (and a new "fast food" place in Chicago that I had the pleasure of eating at a few days ago).  Anyhow, I tried my hands at them AGAIN (I've tried a LOT) and they turned out better this time, but not nearly right.

They're shiny on the top and not nearly fluffy enough.

I'm not stuck on any particular recipe (I've tried several).  Any suggestions would be helpful.


Grace and Peace,


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I'm no expert, never having tried to make them (kind of an expert at eating them, I suppose), but Susan at had a great looking link to a recipe that's made me want to try, too.

Hope it helps,