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Dutch Oven and Dough Size

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Dutch Oven and Dough Size

How much if any does the dough size change bake time in a Dutch oven?

I see bake times and temps ranging from total of 40 min to 60 min.

What is a good bake temp/time?



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It's done when it's done - only you can tell. The size of the dough makes it however long. Enjoy! 

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Dutch Oven or not, larger balls of dough will take longer for the heat to get to the inside and cook it. This usually implies a lower temperature, otherwise the crust can overcook before the inside is ready.

I don't bake in a DO often enough to have a good recommendation, but I see 20 minutes lid on/ 20 minutes lid off in DO recipes fairly frequently.  I would think that 60 minutes would be way too long for most loaves unless the temperature was very low.


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Dough size does affect bake time in a Dutch oven, with bigger loaves needing a few extra minutes. But the recipe's temperature and internal temp (around 190°F) are more important. A good starting point is 450°F for 20 minutes with the lid on, then 400°F for 15-20 minutes with it off. Adjust based on your recipe and use a thermometer for perfect bread!