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savitsky clas formula

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savitsky clas formula

The Savitsky clas formula allows a 4 hr PreFerment for a dough used with clas.

It makes time management very flexible since shaping can be done soon after that 4 hr (78F)/overnight (60F) PF.

I experimented with a bit of mulberry juice and lemon zest. The flavors match well. The lemon zest really shines but the white dough turned beige.

The chew is wonderful. I had just 26 gr clas to get 3 large buns... another mini bake :) These were cut open after an hour-

Dip in lemon juice and powdered sugar for a sweet treat! 

PS The original formula hydration is around 56% but I increased it to 65%.  I have the large Walmart oven coming next week and so I will try to get Precaud's excellent golden crust!!