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Whole grain Noodles Again (w/clas) :)

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Whole grain Noodles Again (w/clas) :)

Do sweet rice scalds and barley doughs  have any use in pasta?


The use of the above 2 ideas builds on recipes for freshly milled whole grain noodles with clas .

The scald of these 2  "sticky" grains definitely improves the level of chewiness !

Here is the basic idea: (Make about 200 gr pasta dough. - good for a trial run; total 14 gr fiber)


Grind barley and brn rice.

12 gr purple barley

12 gr sweet brown rice 

Boil 64 gr water and pour it quickly onto the barley/rice flour.

Mix out the lumps. Cool to 28C.




22 gr clas (150%) (8.8 gr rye,13.2 gr water)

to the cooled scald.  Mix well.

Add 120 gr freshly milled hard red wheat flour. (I ground it twice but did not sift.)

Knead this stiff dough until no cracks - add water as needed to get a smooth but stiff dough. (7 min ?)



Wrap tightly in plastic and let it rest at 28C (room temp), 2-4 hrs.

Knead again.

I had about 12 gr of old dough (for lean bread) and also incorporated it. You may need to add a bit of AP flour to dry out the dough to the right moisture content.

Rest again 1 hr.

Roll out and boil to al dente.

The pictures look the same as before but the chew is different- moving towards udon.

This was fun to eat with vinegar, soy sauce and wasabi!


Sweet Brown rice has only 3.9% fiber but barley (semi-hulled) has 36% fiber. I may increase the barley in the scald next time.