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Grinding rye with a Salzburg (or other granite) mill

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Matt Tropic

Grinding rye with a Salzburg (or other granite) mill

I'm in Townsville, Australia.


Want to get into sourdough baking on a regular basis. Seriously considering a Salzburg mill - probably MT-5 ED. I would be grinding mostly rye and rice, as well as cracking oats for muesli. I was worried to see MattRye's comment in a Salzburg thread:

"One problem I sometimes have is rye. It is rapidly spread out on the stone like butter rather then being milled. Therefor I never mill more than 250g rye at a time and then I mill wheat or spelt. That cleans my stones from the rye."

I would want to mill at least 700g of rye at a time. Can anyone else share their experiences of milling rye with a Salzburg? Do the corundum / aluminium oxide stones do rye better? 

Apologies for posting this twice - I replied in an old thread first and then realised it probably won't be viewed there much.

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Moe C

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