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Stuck and need help

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Cowboy Baker

Stuck and need help

My crumb is always coming out looking like a slice of store bought bread. 

I've tried a 12 hour cold proof, a 24, a 36. I then tried a 2 hour room temp proof then into frig for 12, 24, 36 - no change.

I've tested flour for optimal hydration - tried it higher,  tried it lower...same results. 

My starter doubles or more, but tiny bubbles if any. Top is domed and bubbley.

I'm using K.A. stone ground white whole wheat flour.

Getting ready to give up!

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Cowboy, we need more information.  

- What are you objecting to?  Is it a fine uniform crumb and you would like to have large irregular holes?

- Is the crumb very dense (it could be uniform but very open and airy)?

- The various hydrations you tested - what were they?

- How long were the bulk ferments?

- Is this baked in a pan or free-standing?

- Is this a lean dough or an enriched sandwich-style bread?

- What hydration is the starter?  When was it fed relative to mixing the dough?

- If you can see through the sides of the starter container, do you see largish cavities at the sides?

- Is the bread volume after baking what you expect or is it much smaller?

Some people seem to be more able to create large cavities than others.  I don't usually get them

Pictures of the baked loaf and the crumb would be useful.

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Not much info on the starter - or anything else. Provide more on the starter. Enjoy!

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Very normal! I still see some activity so for now feed 1:1:1 every 24 hours and keep warm. Should they go even more quiet then skip a feed or two till they pick up. If with the 1:1:1 feeds they gain in strength without going completely quiet then increase the feeds accordingly.

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