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Cottage Bakery Equipment For Sale in SoCal including 2 x Rofco B40

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Cottage Bakery Equipment For Sale in SoCal including 2 x Rofco B40

Cottage Bakery equipment for sale in Southern California (2.5 hours outside of LA). Everything 2-4 years old - used once a week. In excellent condition.

2 x Rofco B40 in excellent used condition ($3795 new)

1 x Thunderbird ARM-02N stand mixer in like-new condition ($1800 new)

1 x Estella 60qt mixer in excellent condition 2 years old ($1999 new)

1 x Famag IM-10 mixer ($1890 new)

1 x electric digital bench scale ($50 new)

1 x electric digital heavy duty scale ($79 new)

Various flour bins on wheels ($100)

Various cambro tubs ($150)

13 x dough tubs with lids ($100)

100 bamboo bannetons ($600+)

3 x wooden boards

2 x peels (one wooden, one aluminum)

2 x aluminum speed racks with covers ($100 each new)

20+ half sheet pans ($100+ new)

12+ full sheet pans ($80 new)

8 x half sheet pan extenders + 1 x quarter sheet extender ($20 each)

1 x domestic fridge/freezer

Couche for baguettes

10 x collapsible crates for deliveries ($100 new)

1 x bakery dolly + 12 x bakery trays/bread racks ($70 + $180 new)

1 x electric flour mill ($300)

Wax paper, sheet pan liners, brown bags, flour bags

30 x heavy duty bread pans from Rackmaster UK - commercial grade aluminized steel ($500 new)

Perfect for a baker looking to buy the entire set-up and get going. Pretty much everything you'll need to open your Cottage Bakery.

Buyer collects. Asking 13K Happy to answer questions and chat further. 

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Hi, I’m interested in the lot.  Where outside of LA are you located? I’m in the Santa Barbara area. Feel free to contact me to discuss further 606-669-2695 

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Hi, I'll message you directly. Thanks


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Hi, I am interested in a few items. Are you wanting to sell as a lot? Or would you be willing to split? Interested in the bread oven and potentially the mixer. 

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Hi, I'm looking to sell as a lot. But if that changes, I'll let you know. Thanks

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Hi, please contact me if your equipment is still for sale.

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Hi there, I’m wondering if the rofco is still available?

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Is the Rofco still available?! 

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Is anything still available? I live in thousand oaks

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Hi, I'm interested in purchasing your items. What if anything is still available? I can be reached at Thanks!

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I have high interest. Where are you located? 


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i am located in Bay area. Items are still available? i am looking to start small bakery out of my garage.

Please let me know.




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Do you still have on of the rofcos available? If you are willing to sell it by itself I could pick it up this week. 

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do you still have a rofco? pm me