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Glazed nuts in a whole-grain SD loaf

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Glazed nuts in a whole-grain SD loaf

I recently made my tastiest loaf ever! I added glazed pecans and walnuts to my usual whole grain loaf. Wow. The little pop of sweetness when I bite a nut is really great. I had a pimento cheese sandwich yesterday on this bread; it was great!

I broke up the nuts into small pieces and glazed them in just a few minutes following the instructions at fifteen Spatulas scaled down to 75 grams of nuts. I added them to the dough after 8 minutes of kneading and let the mixer run at low speed for 3 more minutes. Then I did a couple of S&F during fermentation.

The leaven is a lazy variation of NMNF wherein I simply take 5g of the low-hydration rye from the fridge, add 50g of warm water and 50g of whole wheat flour and keep it at 86F overnight. 

The grains were milled in a Mock mill 100. 

I add a little yeast to provide independent control of rise and sourness. 

The last column in my chart is the current weight including my mixer bowl so I can check myself when I forget where I am in the list. Entries like water/leaven that don't increase the totals allow me to list contributions that are accounted for elsewhere.

This is scaled for my 9x13 Pullman pan. I baked it at 350F starting in a cold oven with another 9x13 Pullman inverted on top for the first 30 minutes and with the upper pan off for the last 25 minutes.


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Gary that looks and sounds delicious, great idea using the glazed nuts.  I’ll have to try that sometime.


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That bread sounds super tempting! I'll definitely bake it. Thanks for the recipe!