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Hi There

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Kevin Michael

Hi There

Hello everybody,

I am Kevin and have been a  Food Technologist and professional baker for about 30 years. I have mostly baked in very large automated plants using the CWB process but have grown a profound interest in sourdough baking. I have the opportunity to play around in some baking laboratories and use some of the most advanced analytical equipment but nothing compares to the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing a loaf of bread come out the oven which has been lovingly created by hand.

I really enjoy researching and designing my own sourdoughs, some miserable failures and others spectacular specimens (I think so anyway). What I really love about sourdough is the freedom to play and experiment with a variety of methods and ingredients. I am an active advocate in trying to get people to move away from the basic breads found in glossy bags in supermarkets. The only reason is that I believe people are missing out on the rich flavours and textures sourdough bread brings.

I am looking forward to learning and discussing what others are doing and meeting you all!

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Your experience will be a great contribution to the group. I love the experimental side of sourdough baking. 

Please share some of your experiments with us. 

Gary in Cedar Grove, NC