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Dry Dough

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Dry Dough

I have weighed the ingredients and tried this recipe 3X and it is just too dry, yet no one has posted an issue like this, would organic flour cause this?  I am so frustrated with this recipe.

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Recipe measurements are guidelines. If it is too dry feel free to add more liquid. Your flour may be drier than the author's. Or your environment. 

What is the recipe?

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400g BF (I used organic)

100g water

125g whole milk

200g sourdough starter

50g melted butter

25g sugar & 10g salt

Pullman Loaf recipe and I have mastered a different recipe but this one is just wrong, I can’t  mix all of the flour into the liquid.  I’m in AZ at 4580’ elevation.

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It's not very high hydration, but not especially low, either - 65% including the starter if the starter has 100% hydration.  If you can't get all of the flour wet, just add more water.  Your altitude has nothing to do with it - I used to live at 6000 ft in New Mexico and didn't have trouble with doughs being too dry.

Your flour could be unusually able to soak up water for some reason.  Work in more water until all the flour gets hydrated.   I don't know if you are mixing by hand or machine, but if by hand make sure to get your hand in there and squish everything thoroughly.  Go slowly adding water.  It's easy to overdo it and end up with a very wet dough that you may not have the experience to handle yet.


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Go by feel - not measurements - flour doesn't matter. Enjoy!