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Oven Choices for Cottage Baker

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Cottage Baker

Oven Choices for Cottage Baker

I just got my cottage license and am considering a larger oven purchase to expand my production capacity. Would love something electric, as I will be adding solar to the house to offset the usage, and have read about the Rofco and the RackMaster but wanted to hear if anyone has had experience with both!! (My very first post!! Thanks ☺️)

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G. Marie

I'm sure you'll get some good advice here but you may also want to check out The Bread Bakers Guild of America.

The yearly fee gives you access to their quarterly publication, a library of formulas, and an active forum with other members (big and small companies) that you can ask advice from. 

I joined when I was going to start up a cottage bakery. That didn't pan out but I've kept my membership to enjoy the birds eye view of the baking world. 

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Also check out Baker 4 Bakers.