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Famous "The Fresh Loaf" breads

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Famous "The Fresh Loaf" breads

There are some 'famous' recipes that have been so loved or discussed here, and I thought it might be an interesting idea to compile a list of TFL favourites.

So what would go on this list? Off the top of my head (and apologies if I've left your fave off the list, and list is getting updated):

1. Anis Bouabsa baguettes
2. Hamelman's five grain levain
3. Eric's rye. Link via Benny
4. Norm's onion rolls
5. Borodinsky rye
6. Rusbrot CLAS or another CLAS?
7. Txfarmer's extremely soft sourdough sandwich bread
8. Floyd's buttermilk clusters
9. David's San Joaquin
...please share what you think deserves to be added!

We all have our own prejudices to what we think should be baked and what we ourselves would like to challenge ourselves to bake. And this list might be useful to choose challenging and exciting things to bake next.

Bakers tend to come and go here, so there is quite a rich archive of baking lore here that those of us who are newer may need to learn about.

Any that come to your mind to add to the list?

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No list of favorites can be thought as complete without the Buttermilk Cluster offered way back at Nov 15, 2005 by Floyd, our host here on TFL.  In my household this is one of the very most frequently requested bakes.  It seems especially popular for holidays, but if my daughter asks me to bake for a family meal some Sunday she asks me to bake Buttermilk Cluster for that meal!


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From David.  My go to baguette recipe (when I'm smart and don't decide to try something new)

Now I need to try the onion rolls...

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Ooh yes! David has posted so many San Joaquin breads here though... I wonder which post of his he would consider the reference?

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MiniOven's 100% rye ratio

Mini's Favorite 100% Rye Ratio | The Fresh Loaf

Floyd's Lazy Man's Brioche

Lazy Man's Brioche | The Fresh Loaf

Jason's QuickCiabotta Bread

Jason's Quick Coccodrillo Ciabatta Bread | The Fresh Loaf

A Collection of Mark Sinclair Videos

A collection of Mark Sinclair videos | The Fresh Loaf

ANYTHING by Dabrownman or TxFarmer and a few others I'll add as I remember them.

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The Roadside Pi...

Drumroll mistro....

Crocodilo chabatta.


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Tom Cat's Semolina Filone

A popular bake, formula error and all (too much water).  This bake helped me make progress with breadmaking.

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Two Aussies that were revered and worth looking at their blog contributions are Shiao Ping and Pip, even though they were from the other side of this continent!

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Didn't Shao Ping do an Orange Turmeric Bread? ALL her posts were works of art!

Found it! Orange Turmeric Pain au Levain | The Fresh Loaf


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Yes one of her many fine well illustrated contributions and worthy of revisiting and replication 

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Don't forget this one!!

 Yippee'sLe Cordon Bleu (lemony) Kouglof with CLAS