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DIY dough divider (manual)

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DIY dough divider (manual)


I’m regularly making 3000g of dough which I than cut into 3 x 1000g. In that process, I often cut twice or three times to get the 1000g (with a scale).

Now I’m considering building a DIY form (with metal sheets) that would cut the dough in three equal pieces. Idea is to put the dough into a square plastic container where the DIY cut-form would fit precisely and cut in three even parts.

Anyone did that before? I could not find similar ideas on the web.

Further ideas or criticisms?


thank you

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I don't vouch for it but here's a YouTube video that might give you some ideas -


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Something like these

With different dividers, then you can cut the dough into different weight per piece

You need to press the dough into container first and then cut them.