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Pecan Walnut Honey 30% Whole Wheat Sourdough Sandwich Bread

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Pecan Walnut Honey 30% Whole Wheat Sourdough Sandwich Bread

Still working on my sandwich bread (bake in a Pullman pan) that isn’t enriched with fat.  I decided to add a touch of honey to balance the sour notes since I didn’t use a stiff sweet levain for this bake.  I may switch to a stiff sweet levain next time to reduce the sour notes, we’ll see how I feel when that next time comes up.

I’m loving the pecan and walnuts in this bread though.  Although it doesn’t have the softness of my Hokkaido milk bread, it also doesn’t have the animal fats from the milk or the butter.  Also, making this bread and developing the dough by hand down here without my Ankarsrum Assistent make a less enriched bread easier to do.  In this heat and humidity I’ve been feeling a bit more lazy so this fits the bill.

For 1 loaf in a 9x4x4” Pullman pan.


Build stiff levain, ferment at 74°F for 10 hours overnight or about 72°F for 12 hours.


In the morning, add salt to the water and dissolve.  Then add the levain and break down the levain as well as you can.  Add both the flours and mix well until no dry bits are left. After 10 mins of rest start gluten development with slap and folds.  Add the pecans and walnuts through a series of folds, incorporate well.  Bench letterfold, remove aliquot, then at 30 mins intervals do coil folds until good structure is achieved.


Once the dough has risen 30-40% then shape the dough into a batard and place in prepared pan.


Final proof the dough until it has reached 1 cm of the rim of the pan.  pre-heat oven at 425°F .


Once oven reaches 425ºF score top of dough and then brush with water or egg wash.  Sprinkle seeds on top if you wish. Transfer to oven and bake (without steam) for 25 mins.  Rotate the pan and drop temperature to 350ºF.  Bake for another 25-30 mins rotating as needed until browned.  Remove from the pan and place directly on the rack baking for another 5-10 mins to firm up the crust if needed.

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Beautiful bake, Benny. I'm not a huge fan of walnuts in general, especially not in desserts, but there's something about them really elevates breads.

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Thank you kindly Fred.  Yes walnuts really do elevate bread, I especially also love the purple colour they bring to the crumb.


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I’m nuts about this bake!  Those are my 2 favorite nuts that I snack on all the time.  I’ve made bread with both in them myself and yours looks amazing.  No need for added fats.  You can add some mashed potato and probably get a little more softness if desired.

Another great bake Benny.  I hope you’re enjoying your trip.

Best regards,


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LOL thank you Ian.  You are right, some mashed potatoes or a tangzhong would make this even softer.  

Our time in Fort Lauderdale has been going well, nice to see our friends down here we wouldn’t otherwise connect with.

Hope your winter has been good.