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How to convert a hand mixed dough to a spiral mixer recipe

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How to convert a hand mixed dough to a spiral mixer recipe

can anyone offer advice on taking a recipe written for hand mixing and converting it to be mixed in a home spiral mixer?  An example would be the Basic Country Bread from the Tartine book. It’s a great bread and always comes out good. I would lIke to know how I could get similar results if the dough was mixed in a tabletop spiral mixer?


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No change.  Keep an eye on it during kneading in the mixer and stop kneading when it feels right.  e.g. windowpane test or other criteria of your liking or choosing. 

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With a spiral mixer you gradually develop a mixing regime that works for you. I find if you get the mixing right, you need either zero or one fold, post mix.

I would start by calibrating the speeds on the mixer. Previously, spiral mixers had two speeds: 100 and 200 rpm (spiral speeds, not bowl speeds). Now they have a variable speed knob, which is an absolute curse because it makes reproducing the speed next time much more difficult.

So I would work out which numbers on the speed control knob give you 100 and 200 rpm  and only use those settings. Do do your mixing on speed 1 and develop  gluten on speed 2.