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Looking for a bakery quality muffin recipe

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Looking for a bakery quality muffin recipe

I'm asking for some recipes to try.

I want a cranberry and walnut muffin, but not just any ole muffin.

I want an awesome "bakery quality" large muffins with the large muffin tops. Perhaps a standard recipe that can be adapted to any berry,fruit, or nut.

I've searched the internet but only found recipes that produced grocery store quality or the underwhelming small flat muffins that my mom made.

Can someone please help me? 

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Make sure to turn on English subtitles.


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Are you sure the recipe is the difference and not the ovens.

Once you move away from standard domestic oven it's stunning how subtle but big the difference in outcome is.

[edit: perhaps the word "impactful" rather than "big"would be a better descriptor of the change]