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80% Pumpernickel with a Pumpernickel Soaker

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80% Pumpernickel with a Pumpernickel Soaker

This one really pleased me.  I used coarse whole rye (pumpernickel) instead of the whole rye in the formula, with about 80% hydration rather than the formula 78%..  And, following a hint in "Bread"  I used 1.5x the amount of sourdough culture as in the formula for a commercial-size batch.

I got nice volume and oven spring, and a fairly open crumb for 80% pumpernickel flour.  The 20% is bread flour; I didn't have the usual KA around so I used some Pillsbury(!) bread flour that seemed to work fine.

It's got a nice whole rye flavor with a slightly coarser pumpernickel texture

80% Rye with a Rye Soaker Photos

8o% Rye with a Rye Soaker formula   from "Bread", by Hamelman, 3rd edition