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I need help improving my croissant

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I need help improving my croissant

Hey! I've only recently started baking and I'm looking for some help with my croissants. I followed the recipe on Sally's Baking Recipes, and this is what I ended up with. The croissants are quite dense and heavy, and very buttery. In fact a lot of butter leaked out into the baking sheet while baking. Any idea what I can do to fix this next time? Less butter? More hydration? Sealing the dough better?



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I'm no expert on making croissants and have only made them a few times, with varying results.  But I do have a few thoughts.

- Butter leaking out may mean the the layers are getting torn or ruptured during the lamination folds.  It may also mean the dough was too warm during lamination.

- Your picture seems to show a roll that is very underbaked and with much thicker layers than would usually be seen. That suggests that the dough has not been laminated enough or there is something else wrong with your lamination steps.

- The dough looks folded within the roll.  I've never seen a croissant looking like that.  The folds should all be at the outside edges of the dough, not in the interior.  This again points to the lamination process.

- Don't use any inclusions until you can produce good basic croissants without them.