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Vault Oven request informations from France

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Vault Oven request informations from France

Hi all of you!

I am french baker interested in building a vault oven (like Allan Scott 's ones) but sadly it's not a very commun design in France!

I've already checked around the forum and found some very usefull informations, many thanks for sharing your experiences. I've just finished reading the Brick Bread Oven, Bread Builders and the Community Bake Oven.

But I need to build a slighter bigger oven than what it's mentioned in those publications. I think a 5 x 7 foot Heart sized oven should be suitable for my needs. Does any of you could share schematics/plans/links for this kind of size?

It will be very useful.

Many thanks again for your help.


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I would suggest that you contact Alex Chernov at Alex is known as one of the finest masonry oven builders in the world. He is based in Canada, but has built ovens across the globe. He also, occasionally, designs ovens for those who want to build it themselves. 


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Thanks a lot Kevin, I'm getting in touch with him

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Juan Wilmore


So stoked about your venture into building a vault oven love the enthusiasm Kudos on diving into those reads and forum dives.

Scaling up sounds like a plan!

While I don't have the exact blueprint for a 5 x 7 foot Heart-sized oven think about tweaking the dimensions from your existing base. Also, consider chatting up local pros or online communities for more tailored advice.