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What realm is this recipe in-cookie?scone?

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What realm is this recipe in-cookie?scone?

I have a recipe for a baking powder leavened stollen recipe that I am trying again this year. I made it once before but really changed the recipe to be dairy free. This time I decided to make it as written (mostly) but I cannot understand what this dough actually is. By baker's percentage it has 72% fat, and 40% sugar. The only hydration is 2 eggs.  I'm not sure how to treat this dough but I did almost the same as I'd do for a scone-cut cold fats into flour,add liquid,handle lightly but with this high a level of fat, it felt more like a cookie dough. They are baking now-I will post pics later. They smell heavenly.


500g flour

15 g Baking Powder

8g salt

Mix together

250 g full fat cream cheese

113 g butter

Dice into small cubes and put into dry mix. Mix til well incorporated but not too well-should still have small chunks.

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla flavoring

2 tsp almond flavoring

200g sugar

Mix eggs, flavorings and sugar well for 5 min to dissolve sugar. Then mix into flour mix and incorporate thoroughly.

Add about 250g dried fruit and nuts of choice.

Shape into 2-4 small loaves on a parchment lined cookie sheet.

Bake 400 about 45 min.


The original recipe came from MiniOven and I have changed it a bit but the ratios are the same. I did this recipe in 2018 and had similar comments. I related it to my biscotti recipe at the time. 

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Sounds like a cookie recipe - but I could be wrong. Enjoy! 

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Minus the second bake, of course. 

Maybe shortbread would be a better comparison.

Sounds delicious, though, no matter what family it lands in.


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fat + eggs



No liquid (milk, heavy cream or water).  It's a high-fat low hydration shortcrust pastry. 

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I believe it is exactly in the shortcrust pastry realm after cutting/tasting. This is the first time I made it almost as originally written and I have to say it needs liquid. It is delicious but it does not have enough flavoring-there needs to be higher amounts of flavoring in any dry-crumbed baked good. A moist crumb helps deliver the flavor to the tastebuds. That being said, the original recipe had this baked a few weeks ahead of time and a drench of liquor or tea was suggested (a very old recipe, I'm assuming). The very first time I made this, I needed a dairy-free result so I substituted mashed potato for the cream cheese. I remember that loaf as having a bit more moisture. The recipe needs work. I believe when it is finalized, it will probably be similar to a Soda Bread texture since that is the leavening involved and there is no gluten development involved.

Here is the promised pic:



Interesting comparison with Soda Bread:

So I may have to add a little butter, tea or liquor to moisten the stollen but I'm sure we will enjoy it even if spooning up the crumbs from a bowl. My SO requested traditional,yeasted stollen next year. 


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all.

Peace and happiness to the world!


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Well, I caved and made a delcioius "stollen" from my brioche dough recipe-just added appropriate dried fruit,flavoring and topping. Yum! We all enjoyed.

However, I did not toss the BP leavened stollen. Other than being dry, it tasted ok. So I wrapped one in a thin towel and soaked it with a little rum. The other (I had 2 from that recipe) I actually poured rum onto the surface and then wrapped it in a dry thin towel. I had tasted it before I did this and the flavors seem to be mellowing and the crumb moisture seemed to be evening out in the plastic container they were stored in. Still dry but not as crumbly. So the note about making these weeks ahead is most likely how to get the best flavor/texture from this recipe.  So I will let them sit for a few weeks and bring them out.