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Tall Loaf Pan

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Dave Cee

Tall Loaf Pan

What dough weight do you load this pan with when baking with open cover? I just got a pair of these for an early Christmas (Chrustmas?) present and I would like to make very tall loaves with straight sides and no "muffin tops". Thank you in advance and best wishes. Dave



Kind of like this:


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I think I have this pan.

How high the dough rises varies with the recipe and the raising agents.

If I put a 500gr freshly milled whole grain flour at 80% hydration with clas then the rise goes over an inch above the top (at end of final proof-dough fills to 80% height). (900 gr dough weight)

With AP flour (and even an enriched dough)  the rise was even higher.

How does an 800 gr loaf sound for the first experiment?



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Dave Cee

I will be making yeasted loaves at first and sourdough loaves later. For various reasons I only bake about once a month although if I'm successful I might stop buying sandwich bread altogether. Thanks!

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Weigh the pan empty, then weigh the pan full of water. The difference is the pan's total capacity in grams

If you expect a doubling in size during final proof, divide the weight of water by two.

Typically the dough weight should be 45-55% of pan/banneton capacity. 


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Dave Cee

The water capacity is about 2100 grams. 45% of this figure is 945 grams.


So 2 experimental loaves:   800 and 900 grams, respectively.