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Maple Yogurt 00 Multi-grain Rolls

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Maple Yogurt 00 Multi-grain Rolls

  I had made a version of these rolls a few years ago and decided to update it slightly and make them to bring to my relatives house for Thanksgiving along with another style of roll I will post later.

The main change was to use Caputo 00 flour instead of bread flour and to use a Cocoa bean infused maple syrup.  This created a softer roll.  I’m not sure you really taste the cocoa bean maple syrup to be honest so using regular flavored maple syrup would probably not make much of a difference.

The Greek Yogurt along with the rolled oats made these rolls nice and moist and tasty.  They seemed to be a big hit with the Thanksgiving dinner.

For toppings I used a beaten egg with a little water and salt to brush the rolls and sprinkled on some “everything bagel” topping on some, dried onions and grated some Vermont cheddar on some others.

I added the water content of the maple syrup to the overall dough hydration but forgot to add it to the hydration with add ins so that’s off a little.  This was a sticky dough and I used some baking oil spray to make it easier to form the rolls.  You want to avoid adding too much if any flour if possible.