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Donuts forming large bubbles on surface when frying

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Donuts forming large bubbles on surface when frying

Hello all!


I am currently working on a plant-based donut recipe, texture/flavour everything is great except for one thing...often when I fry the donuts they tend to form large bubbles (see photos) and ends up distorting the shape of the donut so they have these flabby skins and doesn't look nice...


Was wondering if anyone has any insight as to why this happens?


Currently mixing the dough the night before and place in fridge for overnight fermentation, then taken out of fridge after 8 - 10 hours, shaped into tight balls, proof for approx 60 - 80 mins until double in size and fry in refined coconut oil at 180C.

The bubbles always form on the bottom of the donut; the top which gets air dried for at least 5 minutes prior to frying is always perfect, but around 30 - 60 seconds into frying when the donut puffs up these big bubbles will surface.


Appreciate any feedback, thank you!