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Trader Joe's AP Flour

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Trader Joe's AP Flour

Over the past year or so I've had good success using Trader Joe's AP flour for sourdough. The nutrition label listed 13.3+/-1.7% protein(4/30gm). Recently I've noticed a performance drop off and, sure enough, noticed that the nutrition label now shows a lower protein of 10.0+/-1.7%(3/30gm). So I wrote the company to see if this was so or simply getting their labeling correct.

Their response (below) confirmed that they had indeed moved to a lower protein flour. However, what puzzles me is that they added that "the gluten protein of 11.8% is still accurate". Is this possible or likely?

Perhaps someone who understands the protein/gluten relationship can comment on this.


From Trader Joe's:

Thank you for the feedback and inquiry on sku 93249 Unbleached All Purpose Flour. We elected to move to a lower protein version of the flour. So, the numbers are correct (3 grams of protein). We were balancing the value we’re able to offer the customer with the protein levels our customers would want; in fact, we determined that most customers aren’t baking to a degree where the protein change would matter much and this change allows us to keep our value on this item, and this favorite always available on our shelves.

The gluten protein of 11.8% is still accurate. Regards, Kerry Customer Relations Trader Joe's

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Moe C

I have a similar problem with Members' Mark pizza & bread flour from Sam's Club, where the protein content on the label is 10%, but the bag also says high gluten flour. Sam's website says the protein content is between 13 & 14%.

Could they possibly add wheat gluten to the flour, but not have to list it as an additive? Would that be cost effective? Like you, I'm confused.

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The claim of 11.8% seems inflated… by 1/10 of a percent. So close; very close. 

10%+1.7%=11.7% AT BEST.  On the low side, though, it could be 8.3% using their label information.

I like Trader Joe’s but that’s one product I’d not buy due to the great potential variance. For us bakers that flour introduces a great unknown. Maybe for cookies, pastry, and cake it could considered; perhaps that what is implied by the market research that Kerry mentioned.