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dark rye flour

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dark rye flour

bought some KAF, it's good, but too light.

Something with a strong nose.

Anyone have a fave source for dark rye something a Scandinavian or German would love?

Preferably 3 or 5 lbs, unless someone have a desire to split a bigger bag.


I'm looking at breadtopia coz their spelt and khorasan have been good.  But they have 3 varieties.

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thanks for the link.

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Breadtopia 5026-3 whole rye flour.  It's my usual flour.  I mix 2/3 breadtopia whole rye with 1/3 KA white unbleached all purpose. 

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if you're anywhere in New York State, try Farmer Ground Flour.

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it just so happens I am in NYS.

I'll check the USq market next week.

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I have also seen that flour at Whole Foods.