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Why use Ungreased Tube Pan

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Why use Ungreased Tube Pan

The attached partial recipe for a Boston Cream PIe shows how to make the Sponge Cake for the Pie and my question is what is the advantage of using ungreased cooking pan and why the cake will not stick to a ungreased pan. (I was told the cake will not stick to the pan)


1 Cup Flour

1 TSP Baking Powder

1/4 TSP Salt

2 Eggs

1 Cup Sugar

1 TSP Vanilla

1/2 Cup Milk

1 TBS Butter

Mix Flour, Baking Powder & Salt

In large Bowl beat Eggs Sugar & Vanilla

While beating eggs, bring Milk to boiling point. Remove from heat & add the Butter

Stir till Butter is melted, Cool slightly

Stir the Milk / Butter mixture into the beaten eggs

Stir the dry Ingredients into this Batter

Beat well on low speed to blend (approx. 1 Minute)

Pour into Ungreased 10” Tube Pan

Bake 350 F Approx. 25/30 Minutes, Invert at once & Cool Completely

Divide Cooled Cake Into 2 Layers

Thank you





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Oskar, we do not know it their tube cake pan is non stick or not. My tube pans are mostly non-stick. 

Some cake batters are so sticky, they stick even to non stick pans and cake molds, you have to both grease them and flour them or brush them with a flour+Crisco+oil blend to make them non stick. Other sponge cakes release with ease.

This cake batter is 30% fat and contains 2 large yolks per mere 120g of flour, so there is plenty of lecithin in it which might help with release.

You have to test this recipe with your own pan(s) anyways. I would rather err on the safer side and at least place a ring of parchment paper on the bottom if I used plain aluminum or ceramic tube pan.

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Thank you Mariana, my pans are non-stick but they do not always help however what you said about lecithin makes sense and I will give it a try with parchment paper at the bottom as you suggested 

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Non-stick today does not mean non-stick forever.  Better to assume that your pan is not perfect.


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As noted in a post on, "In short, whether or not you have to grease (or grease and flour) your cake pan really depends on the recipe you are making. If you are baking an angel food cake, or a cake that gets its rising power from an egg white foam, you don’t grease the pan, for one reason: Egg white foam cake batters rise better when they have a surface that they can grip onto and essentially climb up, like the ungreased walls of a cake pan"

Since sponge cakes get a fair amount of their ability to rise from the beaten eggs they contain, many recipes will advise you to not grease the pan.  That's true of bare metal pans and pans with nonstick coatings.


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Thank you Paul for your time, I now understand the subject better

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Often you'll need to run a knife along the edges to get the cake out.

And... one more thing... a tube pan for a Boston Cream Pie?  Heresy!

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Moe C

Something else that hasn't been mentioned...angel cake recipes and some sponge cake recipes call for inverting the pan after removing it from the oven. This prevents the airy cake from settling as it cools. If the pan is truly non-stick, or greased, the cake could flop out when the pan is inverted.