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Panettone Universal Method Calculator

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Panettone Universal Method Calculator

I quickly put together a calculator tailored to the primo impasto which calculates the variables of The Universal Method as devised by Thomas Teffri-Chambelland.

I have been devising my own formulas and was interested in seeing how they stacked up according to his method.

Excluding dough inclusions / add-ins / of the homogenous dough:

%Su = % Sugar
%Hu = % Water content
Cu = Sugar concentration in available water content.


Feedback welcome.

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Thank you! That will be very helpful. How is the panettone going?

Regards, Sue

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Haven't made many, my primary goal has been to focus on achieving a pH above 5 in the primo impasto. No joy yet!

I have however achieved a very low TTA / acid load without compromising on activity.

I've actually mostly been doing sourdough pizza with my LM!



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Thank you Michael - I'm sure a lot of work has gone into that. What are your thoughts on sourbakernz's LM zucchero?


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The Roadside Pi...

1. Yeast water = one failed attempt

2. Livito Madre = many fails including a incomplete blog post.

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