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I recently visited Claudio Perrando's site:

Mainly it's a pay by recipe site and also gives details of  the many courses he runs, but he does provide a few complimentary recipes and this German Landbrot (country bread) is one of them that caught my interest.

You do have to register to download the recipes, but no money or card details are required.

It's a fairly standard recipe with a 2 build levain, made with Tipo 1, whole rye, whole wheat and bread flour.

The main dough contains the same flours, except no BF. The main dough is mixed, fermented 4 hours and bulk retarded overnight.

I was pretty happy with the bread I made; the crumb wasn't as open as in Claudio's pictures, but it had good texture. Next time I will try mixing for less than the 8 mins high speed he specifies - possibly he is referring to a stand mixer rather than a spiral mixer.





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Nice Lance, they look wholesome and hearty.

But you think mix less? That surprises me!

I don't know what the crumb is supposed to look like but from what I have seen of Perrando's bakes they all look highly developed whereas yours look moderately developed.

It could also be that yours have a higher acid load which only serves to close up the crumb!


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Thanks Michael. This is the crumb shot supplied by Claudio:

But I think maybe that crumb is rather optimistic, given the flours used and also the long bulk (if you include some of the bulk retard time while the dough is chilling down).

Certainly there was a huge rise during bulk and the dough pH prior to shaping was low (for me) at 4.07 - as you suggested.

Regarding mixing, I seldom go over 4 minutes on speed 2 (spiral mixer) - the dough is always pretty well developed by then.

Certainly it is a tasty bread and I will make it again.