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Ideas for proofing box/incubator

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Ideas for proofing box/incubator

Hi bakers!

I'm having a hard time trying to find a good proofing box/incubator for home production. I mainly would use it to refresh my lievito madre in cool/ warm cycles and to proof panettone doughs, croissants, etc. I previously got a 25 liters yvix scientific incubator with cool/warm options but it never stays at the right temperature, it is always 2 or 3 degrees below or above, I just returned it. At this point, I will use my wine fridge for cool fermentation times. Capacity at least 3-4 gallons would be great.

Any recommendations will be appreciated!

Happy baking!



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Search for terms like "proofer" or "homemade proofer" or "DIY proofer".  There's been a fair amount of posts on the site over the years, so you're bound to find something that is relevant to you.


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I use a polystyrene box scrounged from a deli, with a seed raising heat pad and a cheap digital temperature controller. Works a treat! The boxes come in a variety of sizes.