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Are Soft Wheat Berries Good For Bread?

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Are Soft Wheat Berries Good For Bread?

Some years ago, I purchased over 200 pounds of soft wheat berries from Utah, not sure if they are red or white. 

They were stored for long term food storage (in plastic bucket, thick mylar bags & oxygen absorbers)


Can I use these soft berries for sourdough bread?  What about plain sandwich bread?


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On the berries itself? Protein content would be a good start. 

You can make bread with soft wheat flour but it'll just have different results. 

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Yes you can. Milled, you can use them in soda breads or, if blended in at least 1:1 ratio with strong bread flour, in any bread, sourdough, yeasted, soda, or unleavened flatbread. Cracked soft wheat kernels can be used in cracked wheat bread which is delicious, my favorite.