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Sauerland Black Bread - Sauerlander Schwarzbrot (Germany)

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Sauerland Black Bread - Sauerlander Schwarzbrot (Germany)

Today's bake: Sauerland Black Bread - Sauerlander Schwarzbrot (Germany)

Source: The Rye Baker by Stanley Ginsberg


  • Changed TDW from 1.291  kg  to 2.259 kg.
  • Pan Size - From: 1 @ 9in x4in x4in / 23cm x10cm x10cm  To: 2 @ 7.88in x4in x4in / 20cm x10cm x10cm. 
  • Hydration from 74.83% to 76.77% due to using fresh milled grain.

Substitutions:  None

Discussion: Another from The Rye Baker. This is a nice rustic bread made of 100% rye flours and sunflower seeds, flax seeds and a little stale bread. When I sampled a slice about 1 hour after it was cool and then again 5 hours later, I was pleasantly surprised at the dramatic change in the richness and depth of the flavors, it needed some time for all of the flavors to mature. This is a moist bread with a nice mellow sour taste combined with a subtle nuttiness and a hint of barley flavoring from from the malt syrup.

I can see this bread pairing well with goat cheeses and medium flavored foods.

Stanley describes the taste as "a well-balanced, interesting bread that pairs well with beer-roasted pork tenderloin, garlic-crusted lamb, and artisanal sheep and raw cow;s milk cheeses."

Make again? - Yes, definitely.

Changes/Recommendations:  None









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Nice bake! If you liked the flavor better after 5 h, just wait until 5 days!

I made a single loaf of this a couple of weeks ago and the flavor kept getting better and better with each day. My only complaint was that it was a little sticky on the knife, but I may have underbaked it. Definitely a keeper.

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Thanks - It does improve with age but it's not going to last much longer.


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I really like the way the flaked grain gives the loaf a great finish. The name "Black" makes me want to put in the dark chocolate roasted rye.:)

This loaF will take some real dedicated time!! But what results!

Thanks again for showing this bake. 

I was wondering if the pullman top"on" could simulate a steam environment.


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You could probably bake with the top on, I was following Stanley's instructions by not doing so.


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Another beautiful perfect 100% rye bake Tony.  You are quite the expert on these bakes, your consistency is so impressive.


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Thanks Benny, I attribute it to the great feedback I've gotten from thefreshloaf forum participants and many attempts.