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Hello again.

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Hello again.

Just saying hi.  I've not stopped baking, part of the German community, very warmed to be taken in by a pretty wonderful group of people.  Just a few.  Be well.

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Hello! Glad to see you're still baking.

That's a marvelous assortment of breads. Can you list what they are? I might like to try making some them myself.


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Thanks!  You bet, starting from the top:

1.  A Drittelsbrot, adapted from the book Brotland Deutschland.  This one was done in two stages, is 35% "T 1150" (from Central Millling - it's their medium rye at 1.15% ash), 30% (middle-fine) cracked spelt and 35% "T 1050", also from Central Milling.  Rolled in a mix of oatmeal and whole rye flour.

2. Sorry, I forgot! Most likely a Weizenmischbrot of some sort.

3.  A Hünsrucker Bauerbrot, from Brotdoc´s Der Brotdoc: Heimatbrote: Traditionsreiche Brote aus dem eigenen Ofen. Mit Sauerteig, Vorteig & Co. (highly recommended.  In German, but even with basic German, quite easy to follow).

4.  Berches, Heimatebrote book.

5.  Going back to a family Christmas up north so going on memory, but the assortment, clockwise from top, is I believe:  Schwarzbrot, Münchener Hausbrot, Doppelback, and in the middle, Bergersteigerbrot.  All of these come from Brotdoc's book (noticing a pattern?).

6.  Bottom photo, left, Friesisches Weissbrot.  Right, Sonnenblumen-Schrotbrot (ahem.  Björn´s book).

There are so many I really love.  This is another one, his Saftiges Graubrot.

Good to see you.  My very best to you and everyone.

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It's so good to see that you are still among the living and still baking beautiful breads.  

Keep us posted, please, about your explorations.  


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Beautiful variety of bread you've baked Paul.  Nice to hear from you, don't be a stranger, TFL is richer for having you participate.


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Welcome back Paul,

Glad to see you are still in the baking game here. I always enjoy your bakes.


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Thanks very much guys for your kind welcome back.  Many fond memories of many members here, you among the fondest, and it's pretty rewarding to see this site still going strong with your work and generosity.  

Really great to see you again.  Appreciate it.

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This is a great variety of bread. They all look amazing. Where did you get the book Brotland Deutschland? It seems that it is sold out every or not published anymore?

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Thanks.  I kept my eyes out for a long time - all I kept seeing is Band 3 for the longest time but as soon as I saw it - sorry, can't remember the site - I leapt.  Sad it went out of print.