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Ukrainian Black Bread - Chornyy Khlib

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Ukrainian Black Bread - Chornyy Khlib

Today's bake: Ukrainian Black Bread - Chornyy Khlib

Source: The Ukrainian Classic Kitchen - Olga Drozd

Note:  Doubled the TDW from .728  kg (2 loaves) to 1.654 kg. (4 loaves).

Substitutions:  None

Discussion: I've been looking for a Ukrainian bread that was different from what I'd been seeing and hit upon this one. It's made from ~90% whole rye and ~10% buckwheat flours. I'd say it's typical of many high percentage rye flour breads. After 24 hours of rest, I sliced into it and can report that the crust is tender and the crumb nice and soft. The main flavor is coffee with the buckwheat and rye notes with a touch of sweetness showing up as you chew the crumb.

Olga's description of this bread -  "This is not like store bought rye but dense and intense.  The bread is indescribably tasty.  This amount makes one long skinny loaf, or 2 shorter ones. Slice cracker thin."

Make again? - Yes, definitely.

Changes/Recommendations: Next time I would moderate the the strength of the black coffee a little and I would consider making a larger batch with larger loaves.








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They look really good. I'm very tempted to give these a try. Thanks for working out the baker's percent and metric.

Thinly cut with cold smoked salmon and soft cheese: yummy :)



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Thanks Gavin - I found that I had to add in 200g of water (updated in the formula) I think due to the inevitable the accuracy of volumetric measuring of cups, etc., and the added thirstiness of fresh milled flour. I'd like to hear of your results if you do decide to make a batch.


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These are very attractive Tony, I didn't realize until I saw the ingredients that the coffee flavour was from actual coffee in the dough.  These are very tempting.


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Thanks Benny - Being a yeasted bread they were pretty simple to make and the rye is somewhat tamed by the buckwheat and coffee so I think you might like them.