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80% Rye w/ Rye Soaker (and onions)

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80% Rye w/ Rye Soaker (and onions)

This formula comes from Hamelman's "Bread". 3rd edition.  

80% Rye w/ Rye Soaker Photos

80% Rye w/Rye Soaker Formula

I used the metric formula in the book (for 18 loaves at 1 kg each) and divided by 10. Following directions buried somewhere in the book (for home-size batches based on the commercial formulas), I increased the starter and the yeast spike by 1.5X.  The bread was done (205℉ internal) 5 minutes before the minimum baking time in the formula; I baked in a dutch oven with just the right size for a double loaf - it provides the support of a loaf pan.   

The crumb is closed but tender. I did get a nice oven spring for a rye bread.   The added 150g of raw onion added a nice fragrance and flavor.  

This is a great base for smoked fish, which is just what I wanted.

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I like this bread too. I consider it a "back-to-basics" minimal version of the more complex Russian and east European scalded ryes.

The version under "baker's variation" with 36% dried fruit is excellent, too, by the way; but obviously wouldn't work with the onions and smoked fish you tried.