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Nutrition profile of home milled and bolted flour

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Nutrition profile of home milled and bolted flour

In previous posts I have commented that for my personal  sourdough I use 100% freshly milled organic whole-wheat.(13% protein)


Like a lot of other home bakers I enjoy baking for family and friends, however there are those that do not share my preference.

To cater for this I run my flour through a sieve ( I have a 40 and a 60).

This is a hit and miss procedure as I am unsure as to the alteration to the protein content after sifting.

My hope is that someone is aware of this analysis being conducted either on this site or elsewhere

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That (protein content) depends not so much on sifting as on how uniform and reproducible your milling technique.  I guess you could weigh your flour before sifting, and te resulting fractions - after, and keep a record of it.  I mean if you can live with "unknown but similar".

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Most of what you are taking out is bran.  Here is its nutrient profile:

You will see that bran actually has a higher percent protein than endosperm.  However, it's not gluten-forming protein.