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Benny's SD Hokkaido Milk Bread - PBV

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Benny's SD Hokkaido Milk Bread - PBV

Today's bake:  Benny's SD Hokkaido Milk Bread w/Walnut, Sesame and Poppy Seed & Whole Spelt  - Plant Based Version


Note: Increased  TDW to1665g  from 950g, Pan to 15.75x4x4 from 9x4x4, Water % to 20.4% from 15.4%

Substitutions: Aqua faba for egg, used flax-egg for egg wash.

Discussion: I have been watching Benny impress us with his various versions of this bread for some time now and was inspired to attempt this impressive bread. I decided to make plant based version by substituting aqua faba for egg and a flax-egg for the wash.

The original recipe is located here:

Here is Benny's video showing the shaping of the rolls:

This is a fun to make, and very tasty bread. An option that Benny mentions is that you can cold-retard the dough for an increase in tang. I opted to go for a 20 hour cold-retard an all I can say is wow does it ever have a tang.

I really like this bread. The crumb has a creamy quality, the spelt flour provides a touch of sweetness and the nuts and seeds provide a nice rustic taste with a crunchy texture. Overall this is a nice, soft, rich tasting bread that can be eaten alone or with a mild cheese or other mild topping.

Make again? - Yes, definitely.

Changes/Recommendations: Decrease the hydration level a little, I'd increased it to accommodate the fresh ground flour but I'd roll it back to the original % next time. I would also try to space the rolls more evenly next time, I think the erratic spacing caused uneven rise.



Flax-egg applied. Note the uneven spacing - the first rolls were at the bottom and the latter one up top got squeezed.





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Tony that looks and sounds delicious.  Getting the rolls evenly spaced is much harder with your long Pullman pan than it is with my smaller one.  I made a vegan version of this bread as rolls once where I used ground flax seed in the place of the egg whites, toasted walnut oil to sub for the egg yolk/butter and then soy milk instead of cow’s milk.  That turned out quite well, but your substitutions turned out great.

Here’s what I tried.


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As always, thanks for the kind words. Everyone who has  sampled this bread has been impressed with the taste and texture. Thanks for the link too.

Definitely a 'bake again' bread.