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Fool’s crumb?

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Fool’s crumb?

Is this fool’s crumb or maybe an issue with shaping?

I used 26% whole wheat, 4% rye and the rest central milling ABC+ bread flour

hydration was 80% (incl. 12% hydration from an egg) with 20% levain and 2% salt.
I did a 30 minute warm water (120F) autolyse. Mixed salt, levain and did bassinage for the remainder hydration followed by some rubaud mixing. Dough temp was at 78F by then end of mixing. Bulk lasted around 5.5hr at 78F ambient temperature with 5 coil folds and one coil fold to pre-shape. 45min bench rest. After shape I did a 45 minute proof at room temp. Followed by an 18hr cold retard. Wondering if I should push the bulk a little further. Any thoughts?

This is my first post here and I have been baking sourdough for 7 months now. Any help is welcomed :)



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no, I don't think this is fool's crumb at all. It is rather good crumb, with perhaps one opening caused by the way you formed the loaf. You have good expansion in the loaf, and other well-distributed openings.

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I also wouldn’t consider that particularly under fermented.  The larger alveoli look like air trapped during folding or shaping rather than those typical of under fermentation.  If you don’t like the larger alveoli, try patting the dough gently as you are shaping the dough to minimize them.