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Clas- Blue Corn/Whole Wheat Tortillas

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Clas- Blue Corn/Whole Wheat Tortillas

CLAS works on blue corn masa harina today!!

The  basic idea is to make Half/Half Corn and Wheat tortillas.

This recipe uses freshly milled whole wheat flour (~1c) and blue corn masa harina (seca) (~1 c) for the flour.

foodgeek recipe

The dough is conditioned with clas, of course!

Refer to YT by "Mexican Please" for original idea:

Dough resting- about 470 gr -

Dough balls 10 at 47gr each; one press-4.5" diameter; roll to 6" diam;

[This press is an oldie that my mom used to make Chinese wrappers for steamed dumplings with. There are signs of rust but  plastic film is a barrier between the metal and dough.]

Dry Fry -It is worth the extra step to hand roll the tortilla (thickness <1/16") -it doesn't crack or break!

You can even see the shadow of your hand through the cooked ones!

large thinner tortilla-6 inch diameter; small thicker tortilla -4.5 in diameter;  both 47 gr.




120gBlue Corn Masa Harina (seca)(50%) 130gWhite Whole Wheat, freshly milled(50%) 3.5gsalt (1/2 tsp)(1.5%) 178gWater, warm(74.2%) 30gCLAS (rye)(190% hydration)(12.5%) 24gLard (or other fat-coconut oil, etc)

Mix all ingred (except fat) in Zojirushi 10 min:

[flours, salt, clas and water]

Add fat in small pieces and continue to mix 1-2 min.

Scrape out onto a board. Knead until smooth and there are no lumps of fat.

Let rest 1 hr.

Form into 40-60 gr balls and press with a tortilla press.  Further roll into thinner tortillas if desired.

Dry fry both sides in a cast iron.

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Love blue corn. Around here it would be heretical to mix it with WW, though  :(


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I thought about that too!! But I am working on getting it to totally inflate.


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I would love to find an 8-9 inch press, I've always felt that 6 inches is ok for flat but too small for roll-ups. By the time you add chicken and guacamole and lettuce and some tomatoe and onion, a 6 incher doesn't contain the filling and its messy to eat.

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With the press I have, there is a limit to thinness and  diameter.

For 48gr dough, the  diameter is only 4.5 though the press is 6.5 in.

With hand rolling, the tortilla diameter increased by over 30%.

I like "thin" and so far the tortillas are able to hold the fillings.

Are you making your own tortillas? I would enjoy reading about your procedures!

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No I'm not making tortillas, I'm on the bread train (as my son calls it) and still have much to learn there.