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bagel cracks

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bagel cracks

Good morning bakers, my background is in boiled bagels. I am now working on a steamed bagel for my new employer. The bagels are nice, come out with a pretty good chew and a nice shine, but I am having trouble with the skin cracking. I would love to get to the point where they are smooth all the way round. I make the bagels with a spounge that ferments over night, then I roll the bagels and retard in the fridge for another night. I then bake straight from the fridge. Is this a proofing issue? 

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Mini Oven

Maybe that's not what you want to hear but I would buy those before I bought bagels.  Looks like they are rising too much for a bagel.  So many are adding steam to their bakes to get that splitting effect which looks like it runs along the seems of the twisted dough when shaping the bagels. (Bench flour?)  I might be tempted to call them Kaiser Bagels.  They certainly bake out beautifully consistent.  

I think when switching to steaming, you have to figure out a way to keep the boiled set skin from softening and splitting during steaming. hmmm.  interesting.  What happens when the yeast is reduced? or Hotter steam temp? Lower steam temp? Are you skipping the boiling?