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Tips for using a roller mill?

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Tips for using a roller mill?

I got a Marga Mulino for my birthday and I have just started playing with it. It looks like it will be good fun. I've been interested in flaking for a while but couldn't find a reasonable source of grains in small quantities. Then I found Yoder's Country Market just north of me in Blanch NC. They have lots of different grains in 5 pound bags (and delicious sandwiches). I bought some oat groats and some hard red winter wheat. 

Following the tips from Caroline, I let them hydrate in a sealed container with 4% water by weight. I rolled 100 grams of oats and 100 grams of the wheat in just a few minutes. I did multiple passes on the wheat to see if I could approximate flour and the result looks pretty good to me. Lots of bran and flour that varies from fine to coarse. 

I plan to try replacing 25% of the flour in my daily bread with the fresh ground and see what happens. I'll also replace the Quaker Oats in the soaker with these oats. 

Maybe I should soak this flour before incorporating it?

I'd love to hear your suggestions for using this new toy.





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No tips, but congrats on your birthday and the mill. What I recently learned, by mistake, is that coarse ground wheat did not absorb as much water as my typical grind, so if it is coarse, you may need to drop the hydration a bit.

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Do you know if these are still available? I visited the Marga Mulino website and all the suggested vendors for the mill were either non-existent or listed the mill as unavailable. I wouldn't mind purchasing an inexpensive (≤$100) flaker to flake grains and malts.


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Pleasant Hill Grains: Marcato Marga Mulino Flaker. They also sell it on Amazon but I bought direct so they wouldn't have to pay Amazon. 

There are two (at least) versions and different companies? There is the one from Marcato linked above and there is the one at which looks similar but is not available. That page is sad and as you say, all the where to buy links are outdated.

The Marcato version I have is made in Italy. 

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I see several places offering them for $129 that's $80 less than I paid...

I know nothing about those sites and didn't find them when I was looking.