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Loaves to Rolls

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Loaves to Rolls

I'm looking for general advice on baking loaf recipes as rolls instead.  It's the same up to dividing and shaping.  Instead of one or two loaves, you weigh out the size of rolls you want, shape them, and put them on an oven tray with parchment paper and plastic wrap on top, and proof them, same as loaves (is that correct?).

But then we come to baking. most articles say use the same temp as the loaf, or 350-375 F for 15-20 minutes usually, to same internal finish temp as the loaf would be.

I used the Workday 100% WW from Bread, 3rd ed. (sourdough levain and 80% hydration and a little more), added scallions, and baked at 375 F to an internal temp of 200+ F.  

Photos: Workday 100% WW with Scallions, Baked as 125g Rolls

Loaf formula: Workday 100% Whole Wheat, "Bread", 3rd ed

The crust was still soft when I pulled them based on the internal temp.  They weren't awful, but still gummy inside despite the internal temp.

So what's the general principle?  Use the loaf baking temp rather than 375 F?  Bake to a higher internal temp?  Handle high whole grain percentage rolls differently from white flour? 




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Wilfred Green

I wish I could help, when I bake rolls, they come out like little loaves, nothing like I'd get if I bought them.