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Looking for food scientist consultant for CPG baking mixes

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Looking for food scientist consultant for CPG baking mixes

Hi all - I am an e-commerce entrepreneur (and home baker) working on a product idea that would be sold online to home bakers who want to make fermented sourdough at home (meaning, not just add pre-fermented flour or vinegar). 

Looking for someone who can help:

1. Answer questions about microbiology. For example - which instant/active yeast strains would be best to use in a sourdough mix? Maybe S. cerevisiae var. boulardii or var. exiguus?

2. Help me think about and find ingredients - the yeast strains above, flour, etc.

3. Help test and compute shelf life, formula, nutritional facts for packaging

4. Ensure production is compliant with all necessary regulations

I am located in SF Bay Area but this job could be done remotely where we meet over zoom and I do the actual labor after some discussion / advice. Or you can be hands on if desired. Position is part time to start, I would anticipate 5-10 hrs a week. 

Send me a private message if interested, with a summary of your experience and interest in this field. 


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Aside from hiring and if time permits, you can consider taking short courses. Some universities offer online classes. You can check this to find the best option for you,

If you choose to go with your original plan, it might be a good idea to run a check to those interested,