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Einkorn Brot

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Einkorn Brot

Today's bake: EINKORN BROT

Source: Created by the Bialys and Farmers Market Breads Class - BBGA



This is my first attempt baking this bread and found the dough to be somewhat sticky and loose.

I milled at the finest setting some Einkorn Wheat Berries-100% Extract and used some cracked Einkorn Wheat Berries.

This bread's soft, moist crumb has a mild buttermilk/dairy taste with a soft, creamy texture and the crust a pleasing toasty/nut like flavor enhanced by the toasted sesame seeds.

This bread would pair nicely with most mild flavored foods or just toasted as a snack.

Make again? - Yes

Changes/Recommendations: None









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Very nice 100% einkorn loaf Tony, the colour and texture of the crumb looks so inviting.


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I really liked this bread. It's worth a try.


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That crumb looks amazing.  Did you bake this in a pan or free-form?

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Thanks. I used a 15.75" x 4" x 4" Pullman pan.


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This looks like a nice bread, but I find it absolutely impossible to read the spreadsheet of ingredients (it is microprint, and my effort to copy and paste into a Word document was completely useless).  Can you either post the recipe with larger text or send me something in a private message?

Thanks in advance.

Happy baking.


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Ted - it's from a spreadsheet. I tried a direct paste and it was a mess so I'm trying larger segmented images. Let me know if that doesn't work.

Process Notes:  #1  - Toast the  Einkorn Wheat Berries- then crack and then cook them with the SOAKER water.  When the water is no longer showing, but the grain are quite viscous, turn off the heat, then add the toasted sesame seed and cool overnight.


   ProcessEINKORN BROT      
 Day 1  (Evening) MixType of MixerBy Hand     
    AddJUURI to other ingredients    
    Length Of TimeUntil Incorporated     
    Temperature/Time75 °F for 12 hours     
   MixType of MixerBy Hand     
    NoteSee Process Notes:  #1    
    Length Of TimeUntil Incorporated     
    Temperature/Time75 °F for 12 hours     
   FINAL DOUGH       
 Day 2  (Morning) MixType of MixerBy Hand     
    Length Of TimeUntil Incorporated     
    Dough Temperature75 °F     
   FermentationContainerLightly Oiled Bowl - Covered    
    Time/Temperature2:00 @ 75 °F     
    Folds/Interval:30, 1:00, 1:30     
   ShapeDivide1 @ 1.4 kg     
    Resting Time:10     
    Proofing DeviceLoaf Pan     
   ProofTime/Temperature1:30-2:00 @ 75 °F     
   BakeOven TypeHome Oven       
    Preheat500.00° F     
    Stencil Baker’s choice     
    Scoring Baker's Choice     
    Covered Time/Temp0:15 at 500°F     
    Uncovered Time/Temp0:30 at 500°F