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Durum Bread

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Durum Bread

Today's bake: Durum Bread

Source: Bread - A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes -  Jeffery Hamelman

Note: Increased TDW  from 1.827kg  to 2.000kg


Left loaf was baked in the Challenger bread pan, the right loaf on a baking steel.

This is my first attempt baking this bread. I found this to be a fairly straight forward bread to make despite the use two pre-ferments.

The taste of this bread is a pleasing buttery/nut like flavor with a cake like feel to the crumb. The crust on the loaf baked on the baking steel was nice and crunchy/roasty whereas the one baked in the Challenger bread pan is nice and soft. Both crusts are nice but I prefer the crunchy one.

Make again? - Yes

Changes/Recommendations: Bake on the baking steel























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Very handsome loaves Tony.  I love semolina breads and love the colour of the crumb you baked with these.  I have generally switched to baking open rather than in a dutch oven for my hearth loaves and have felt that the crust is thinner when baked open vs the dutch oven.


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Next time I'd bake them open and shape them as smaller batards or maybe baguettes to maximize the crust surface area.