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Grating chocolate tip

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Mini Oven

Grating chocolate tip

I was grating a semi sweet chocolate bar and as usual the loose chocolate gets magnetized and starts to creep up my steel box grater and threatens to make a big mess when trying to get the bits where they should be.  So I thought...would putting a magnet on the grater make it worse or tame these wee dancing flakes?  

Turns out that within a minute of contact (or less) to my pin up board magnet, all the flakes fell off the grater onto the plate below. Grater clean, mess avoided.  Sticking the magnet on before grating might also be a handy thing to know.  Just passing this on to y'all.

Ready to test on other flying bits like psyllium husks. 


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Mini - Thanks for posting this tip. I'll definitely put it to use.


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Cool Mini, thanks for sharing the tip.