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I am so proud that I am busting!

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The Roadside Pi...

I am so proud that I am busting!

While visiting Valerie in Georga during my trek to Az. I left her little Slow-Mo. She has kept Slow-Mo happy since January and has started baking. This is only her third attempt. What great results! So far I started her out with the stretch and fold method that does not require a mixer at all. That being said, she is intrested in the stiff doughs I use for pizza, bagels, and such. She ordered a Bosch mixer at a great sale price of $400.00! Feast your eyes on my daughters latest proformance! This is a hybred commecal yeast & natural yeast combination. 

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Mini Oven

Bursting with pride!  Lovely loaf there!  ❤️

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Nice. Family connections are precious.